So... I leave for a week visit to Krakow tomorrow, and from there on to Riga. Last week my dad was here; we hung out in Zurich for three days, saw (more than I thought we could of) the Heidelberg castle, and had a snack in Wissembourg. Zurich was... just cool. It's not a particularly dazzling city, but I wished I had had at least a week there to just walk around and explore. I'll be going back there for sure. We ate fondue, sorbet with alcohol, saw the lake, almost saw a really old city, tricked a duck, chickened out of going into Gucci/Louis Vitton/Chanel/and other such stores (that was mostly me), stayed in a hotel that was cow themed (those who know me well will know I enjoyed it -- and my dad thought he could "cure" me. Hah!), bought expensive chocolates, and ate fish sandwiches. I would do it all again.

On a side-note, I'm listening to Latvian pop-rap. It's hilarious, but catchy.

As mentioned, tomorrow it's off to Poland to visit Ula and Joanna. And to get my hair cut.

We are now mid-way through our semester break at Uni-Landau, and I've got about as much done in my life as I had done back at the beginning of March. At this point I'm playing e-mail tag with my advisor back at Coe to work out my "I-want-these-classes-and-I-want-them-now" schedule. I'll supposedly have internet access over the next two weeks, so I'm not too concerned about keeping in touch with her or getting my classes registered on time.

And FAFSA is being difficult. Goody gumdrops for getting to take care of this while abroad!

If my next post doesn't come from one or the other Eastern European places, I'll bring it all back in April.