A new year begins!

Happy New Year to everyone.

Break is officially over. We were lucky and our teacher never showed up for class, so we spent the two hours conversing intelligently at Cafe am Markt. Our friend was there, and gave us extra gingerbread cookies.

All I can really say after the two-week break is this: I am so very, VERY happy to be back in one place. Minus the whole I had to say 'bye' to my dad until march and this was the first Christmas without my mother (and away from home, no less) or grandparents, I am very glad to be back. I missed Landau, I missed my bed, my tiny apartment, Cafe am Markt, everything. It's so good to be back.

One of the women from the class we never had today commented on how fast I was speaking German today. She said that normally I speak very slowly, and that I was now speaking without hesitation. My only response was that I had spent the past two weeks speaking Latvian. I think that helped.

Both of my parents (as well as John, I guess) will be glad to know that I have now re-stocked my refrigerator with tomatoes, a cucumber, cheese, salami, juice, and fizzy water. I will no longer have to live off of chocolates and mandarines.

I look forward very much to tomorrow. That's because TUESDAYS ARE OPEN MARKET DAYS!!!! Eeee!
*claps hands and spins on chair*
I need garlic and eggs. Don't ask.