Glasses and dogs

A few days ago I saw a long-haired German shepherd dog in the parking lot of my building. Its owner was standing by a car talking to someone (who had presumably just dropped them off), and I was on my way to walk past them. I did the standard dip your head down in a jerky movement thing that implies "I want to be friends and play!" to dogs. The dog watched me for a second and then accepted my invitation by running toward me at full speed. Then it half jumped up, bit the hem of my sleeve and tugged at it, play growling and whining at the same time. It reminded me of what my German Shepard back home does whenever I'm gone for a long time and come back home for a visit, send her off to find a ball, and then hide behind the couch until she finds me and attacks me for toying with her emotions. I miss having house pets. Then this dog's owner said something like "Oh! (name of dog), have you found a new friend to play with?" In reply the dog continued to run back to me and tug-bite my sleeves. Waah.

Then there's this Jack Russell terrier named Eddie. My thoughts exactly -- someone in Germany has fallen in love with the T.V. show "Fraser." Eddie has a night-glowing red collar that I found very fascinating. Eddie found me fascinating. He has seen me and jumped up on me (the second time I was muddied...), completely ignoring his person's cries of "Eddie! Nein!"

Now the pictures:

These are the glasses I brought home from the Seigburg Christmas market:

A random shot of the innards of the Landau University library. Hah, we have a shiny elevator shaft! It's very modern on the inside, but the outside is depressing.

I'll eventually put up more pictures of here. Here being....everywhere around Landau? Just wait for it.


At 10:07 nachm., Anonymous mommykins said...

nice glasses
very beer-colored
keep collecting

At 1:59 nachm., Anonymous Jane S said...

What a grand adventure you're having!


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