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French people (specifically Hanane) know where to find the best bread-stuff foods. Case in point: Hanane gave me a large slice of what is basically cherry... okay, so I knew the English word for it a few days ago, but it's gone now. Cherry crumble cake? Almost had it, lost it again. CHERRY COBBLER! (Note: your ability to think in simple English language terms suffers severely while studying abroad.)

So a large slice of cherry cobbler was presented to me. The slice was a about a foot long, if not slightly more, and amazing. Some of the cherries had pits, but that just confirmed how "real" it was. The next day Joanna and I went on a search for the cobbler, and I had to call Hanane to ask her where she got it. Cobbler was found and eaten, everyone was happy.

Yesterday Hanane brought some chocolate bread and honey bread for us to eat after she and Ula guinea-pigged my home made Chinese vegetables and noodles. The noodles and veg; good. The sweet bread; also good. Hanane wins again!

Tip: As mentioned before, for the (in my opinion) best Brötchen (bread rolls), croissant stuff, bread loaves, etc., and for the best price, go to the Discount Bäker on the main street (Markt Strasse). For the best cherry cobbler and other cobbler delights (don't buy their bread, because it's expensive and doesn't taste special. The Discount Bäker stuff is better), go to the bakery on König Strasse that wraps its stuff in red and yellow paper, and that has Berliner pastries in capuccino cups in the front window (it sounds like a rather lengthy description, but when Hanane told me this feature I knew immediately which bakery she was referring to, and used the description when relaying the information to Joanna -- she knew which bakery it was, too, after hearing the cup bit). For the best sweet breads, go to Mini Mal, but not the small one on König Strasse, but the big one that's on...the street after Nordring and before the Discount Bäker. It's across the street from a gas station. I've seen it once, and have yet to be there.

This has been a very random and useless post to you all (unless you're planning on coming to Landau to buy bread stuffs), but at least it's something. The next post will be, for real, about train tickets.



At 1:47 nachm., Anonymous Kathy said...

I think this is a very useful post....because everyone loves bread stuffs. Its a staple of life!


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