Today we're going to the zoo! The weather is, for the time being, stable and nice. Because of the constant rain for the past few days, the temperature has finally made it back down to the mid 20s. Nice.

Either tonight or tomorrow morning I'm heading up to Frankfurt to meet up with my father and my grandmother. Then tomorrow we hang around Frankfurt, see what there is/n't to see, and then Monday it's off to....PORTUGAL! Then on 03.08 it's back to Germany for a bit.

My apartment has been cleared as "acceptable", and I don't need to pay anything extra for non-existing damage. My finals were passed as well, better than expected. So, I officially made it through my year of school in Germany without screwing up once!

My mind is too scattered to write much; I'm extremely excited to go pet the goats.



At 3:24 nachm., Anonymous effroni said...

Hey,Portugal!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!Jealous,jealous,jealous!When r u going back home?Don't forget us,maybe we'll meet sometime in the furture,gel?
How's the zoo,anyway?5 months there and i didn't visit it, not once..
have fun in ur european tour..


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