"Zidane, who had earlier scored France's goal, was sent off after violently headbutting Italian defender Marco Materazzi in the chest during the second, tense period of extra-time." (FoxSports News)

I wish I could find a picture of the headbutt. Zidane and Materazzi had a mini discussion, Zidane started to walk away, and things looked finished between them. But then Zidane suddenly turned around, and, with a completely blank expression, headbutted Materazzi in the chest. Looks like Materazzi tried to get one last snide remark in.

The France-Italy game was close... oh so close. Hanane was too nervous to watch the shoot-out and walked several blocks away to wait until the game was over. WM is finished, and the world seems a little bit more quiet.

Friday to Sunday also marked the "Sommerfest"-- also known as yet another reason to set up food and drink stands around the city center and to celebrate, not only WM, but the concept of summer. Good wine, good food, bad music. It's great. During the past 10 months, Landau has had between four and five "festival markets." The fall wine fest, the Christmas market, Maimarkt, Sommerfest, and I'm pretty sure one more in between somewhere. I may be counting the (Fake)Irish fest as one. But still. Another good reason to love this country.

The weeks are winding down. This week I have my final presentation (in German, about the history and reform of the German language), and then two written exams the next week. Then my dad and grandmother come to visit me, we go to Portugal for a few days, then head back for the final days of my Germany 2005-2006 experience. After some advice from my dad I've decided to treat the return to the U.S. as a visiting trip. I am not leaving Germany or Europe for good, I am just leaving for a bit. Then I'll work my way back here. I will, just watch me. In the next weeks I'm going to make a personal effort to post as many observations and whatnot about Landau and the places I like in it and... OHMYGOD THE WOMAN BEHIND ME DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF RELATIVE SILENCE IN A LIBRARY!!! Her computer volume is always on high, her cell phone is always on, and she sighs like she gets a prize for it at the end of the day. LEUTE!... the places I like in Landau and the best places to buy necessary things. I'll start on that tomorrow.

WM in another four years! I'll be ready for it next time -- I now understand how fascinating it all is.


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I found a picture of the headbutt

Check it out if you want.


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