Berlin pictures + one random comment

On the way to the library this morning, I saw a guy whose skin was even paler than mine. I immediately felt better.

Now for Berlin:

Sony Center

Bombed-or-something church we never went in to

Crazy fountain with all kinds of sculpture things attatched to it

Statue in the round-about

A piece of The Wall in Potsdamer Platz (former "dead-zone")

Another crazy sculpture in the midst of a bike race

Native fire-breathing dragon-lizzard of Berlin. Dangerous creatures, but have rather bad aim

Brandenburger Tor, surrounded by stupid gates and WM junk. Not to come down on WM, but do you HAVE to surround the Tor with it?

Checkpoint Charlie

The Old National Art Museum. One of many museums we hit up that day.

Inside of the new Berlin Hbf. 5 stories, chaotic, but not a single baggage locker in sight! (truthfully, they exist, but are still under construction. Still stupid.)

The original Nefertiti bust, located in the Altes Museum

Schloss Charlottenburg. 4 hours of combi-touring, and at almost every staff member we talked to asked what we were doing Saturday. At first we thought they wanted to hang out with us, but it turns out there was a concert scheduled to take place in the castle hall.

The original Rodin "Thinker" sculpture

The view from our top-floor room in the youth hostel - I could sit and watch the trains come in and the idiots crossing the intersection. I mean that literally - people do some stupid stuff.

One of six or seven gigantic sculptures that are on display during WM. Others included a stack of books, a giant pill, soccer cleats, a car, and a cluster of flags

A very trippy site for a Jewish monument. These blocks were all different heights, and formed a kind of garden thing. I saw one set of parents lose their kid for 10 minutes before he showed up again. It's a very involving momument...

We had to get our travel money SOMEHOW, shoo'!

Upon our return in Landau. No more trips...please...


At 2:22 nachm., Anonymous Anonym said...

I second what you said about surrounding the Tor with WM stuff. I couldn't get even as good a picture of it as you did.


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