After a day of filling out forms, registering for any and everything, I still find myself behind in some aspects. Tuesday was a rough day, and the bike Prof. Wagner gave us (me) is bright green and purple. It also has flat tires. I am riding a limp, barney themed mountain bike. But at least I've got something! Still, it was a mentally draining day. We ate lunch in the Mensa, for 1.60 euro each. A huge glass bottle of water cost me onlz .75. The food wasn't half bad, either. It's fine.

p.s. I could buy a chimpunk as a pet. Now THAT'S what I would consider good times! Jessika said "but you would have to keep it in a cage" and I said "or WOULD I?" That was the high point of my day -- seeing a cute, woodland creature trapped in a 70 gallon glass tank with two other chipmunks. The joys of life, eh?


At 3:53 nachm., Anonymous Kathy said...

Who needs to buy a chipmunk when with a bit of clever-ness and other useful tools....you could catch one yourself?

And I am fairly certain that you would be able to if you tried :-)

At 6:55 nachm., Anonymous Anonym said...

Kaija! You would get a woodland creature as a "dorm" pet. I love it! Sorry about the trains.


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